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VHSL Football - Common Opponents for Briar Woods & South Lakes in 2016

The table below shows the common opponents for Briar Woods & South Lakes in 2016.
We try to determine a point spread based on how teams fared against these common opponents.

    South Lakes  0-1
12-42     12.0- 42.0    -30.0
  Briar Woods  1-0
35-34     35.0- 34.0     1.0
Common Opponent Briar Woods is favored by 31 points using the Common Opponents Method.
Westfield   South Lakes 12 Westfield 42   Briar Woods 35 Westfield 34

Actual VHSL Football Games Between Briar Woods & South Lakes in 2016

South Lakes vs Briar Woods    1-0 South Lakes Briar Woods
GY Game Date Winning Team PTS   Losing Team PTS   Playoff Home Team Rate W L Rate W L
2016 09/09/16 South Lakes 28   Briar Woods 21     South Lakes 94.4 12 2 74.6 4 7